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Smart CRM Software
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The Most Affordable Smart CRM Software

Tired of monthly software payments? Never pay monthly again. Smart Sales CRM is a most affordable self hosted Smart CRM Software. Just pay once and forget about paying monthly or annual fees, There is no per user fees.

  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Unlimited Customer Accounts
  • Unlimited Invoices & Proposals
  • Unlimited Leads
  • Unlimited Projects

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Customer Relationship

Improve your sales process and optimize your sales force with a smart CRM software that follows you everywhere.

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Never miss a business opportunity again. Follow up with prospects easily with Smart Sales CRM.

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Online Invoicing and

Simplify your invoicing, manage your quotes, get paid online easily and track your payments to increase your turnover.

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Project and Task

Achieve your goals by organizing your work as a project. Improve the quality of your customer support and plan your work.

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Customer Support

Improve your after-sales service by creating support tickets to meet the needs of your customers.

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CRM Features

Do you need more features?

Smart Sales CRM provides full range of features that help you provide the best possible experience including solutions for subscription payments as well as dedicated customer area.

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customer relationship management software

Manage your Sales on the go, anytime any device. Get access and manage important reports, records and more.

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Smart CRM Software to increase your sales

  • Understand your customers
  • Boost your productivity
  • Structure your organization

Knowing your customers is essential. Find all the information and documents related to a customer in just one click: phone, email, address, sales documents, everything is in your customer database. Increase your chances of success by having all the information you need in one place.

Track the history of your interactions with the customer , write down every call, appointment or email and make summaries to know exactly where you are.

Assign each prospect or customer to the salesperson who will best meet their expectations. Save notes and upload files directly to customer records so you don't lose any information.

Hundreds of businesses trust us for their invoicing

Invoice faster to increase your turnover

Once the customer file has been created, you only need one minute to make a estimate. Once created, you can easily email it or print it.

This estimate can then be personalized using the different models offered. Upload your logo so that it is present on all your documents and insert your conditions of sale.

The accepted estimate turns into an invoice. You will be able to record payments for each invoice and monitor late payments. And if that happens, you can revive the client without wasting time.

Tired of checks and payments that take months? Activate online payment via Paypal, Stripe, 2Checkout,, Braintree, PayU Money, Mollie and Instamojo and get paid in few clicks.

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Invoice Software
project management software

Organize your teams, follow the progress of your projects and save time thanks to our project management tools.

Project and task management

The best tool to manage your tasks and projects

As teams grow and the workload increases, it becomes difficult to know what each other's responsibilities are and who is working on what.

Save time by using a project and task management tool. For each of your tasks, enter activities specifying the time you spent there. So you can follow the time spent on each task, and on each project. It is a particularly useful tool for measuring the profitability of projects, charging for time spent for a client and improving their estimates.

  • Assign tasks to your employees, set priorities and follow all the stages of their achievement.
  • Schedule tasks to be completed, set deadlines, and make sure deadlines are met.
  • Improve your project management by creating support tickets to meet the needs of your customers.

Why your business needs a Smart Sales CRM Software?

The complete management solution that centralizes all the functionalities you need

Boost your sales with CRM software

Every business wants to increase its sales, but not everyone is clear on how. Beyond promotions or expensive advertising, sometimes it is about optimizing the management of contacts to lead them on their shopping journey rather than scare them with sales messages.

That ends with efficient software, taking advantage of its functionalities and, of course, with a methodology behind it, such as Inbound Marketing .

Can you imagine your sales team having a program with all the benefits explained in the previous point? How productive would it be? How much more could you accomplish in terms of closing clients? Indeed: if you don't have a CRM, you are losing sales , and not a few.

The more information we have about our customers as a company, the more positive the experience we can offer them will be. It is necessary to incorporate new technologies into the operation of the company and CRM is a software that helps to organize, quantify and categorize customer data with total precision, and thus have it available for the future.

The CRM also makes that data available to all departments. This allows you to store a large amount of information for each customer from the first contact. This saves considerable time when processing the services or products of each client, without depending on who has been in charge of each phase.

This makes any employee within the company provide the same level of service by having access to the same customer data as everyone else. On many occasions, clients find themselves in situations where they have to deal with different members of the company. Thanks to CRM, all members will have the same information and will be able to manage the services of each client effectively, without having to start over.

CRM software is connected through the web and therefore accessible to any employee. This, in addition to improving customer service, increases productivity.

CRM system store information in one place, which leads to better analysis of the data as a whole. All this, with different tools, has the ability to generate automatic reports and make statistics on customers very quickly. This leads to an incredible time savings on tasks that previously involved entire hours of work.

Thanks to CRM we can also have information such as sales objectives and performance reports in a much more accessible way, and with much more complete data.

With this you can create strategies and make decisions more quickly and efficiently. Studies can be conducted on customer loyalty or long-term business profitability.

The goal of implementing a CRM is to create a system that your company can use to interact more efficiently and effectively with potential and current customers. It is the best tool that unifies the efforts of the Marketing team with those of the sales team , so that they work in an aligned way and narrow the gap between the responsibilities and objectives of both teams.

Keeping this record of the interactions that your teams have with your clients and opportunities helps you gain visibility into the processes and get to know your clients better and serve their needs more effectively. In addition, Smart CRM Software is a web based software, which makes it easy for companies to access this from any notebook or smartphone.

Does my company need a CRM?

In most cases when business owners ask us, the answer is yes.

Why? Isn't it enough to just use an Excel sheet to keep track of your customers and record your interactions with them?

Technically, yes, you can use an excel sheet to do it. But when you start to grow, this process becomes very tedious. It's feasible to manually track five customer interactions, but 20? fifty? 100? Think about the amount of sales opportunities you can lose if you forget to contact them, or if you don't remember who you sent a quote to and who you didn't.

This is where CRMs are useful: These systems give you visibility and record the actions you take so you can focus on growing. This is why we recommend CRM software, even for small businesses. If you are still not convinced whether your company will benefit from using the tool, here are some signs that indicate the need for CRM:

  • You don't know what your salespeople are working on.
  • You don't have visibility about what sales projection you will have.
  • You have teams that work together, even if they are not in the same place.
  • Your Sales team is not aware of Marketing actions
  • Your Marketing team does not know the operational capacity of Sales.
  • When you lose a seller, the data of potential customers goes with them.
  • You do not find customer data quickly to make decisions on the spot.
  • You have to cross the information between different platforms to be able to make decisions (excel, social networks, email platform, among many others).
  • Your company is growing very fast and you feel that you are not prepared.
  • You know that your company's customer service experience is leaving something to be desired or you are losing more customers than you would like due to service problems.
  • You work for other companies, which is known as B2B.

Even if none of this sounds familiar, it's worth exploring a CRM to help your business gain visibility into the chances of efficiently finding, winning, and keeping customers. We recommend that you consult with a specialized agency before making the decision on your own.

Benefits of implementing a CRM

These are the advantages that a CRM offers to business owners and managers:

  • Gain visibility: Implementing a CRM will give you an overview of what is happening in your company or business.
  • Increase your sales: by obtaining visibility of the process, you can prioritize those opportunities with the greatest potential to generate new business.
  • Strategic planning: Only when you have visibility of the processes and their effectiveness (or not) can you make informed decisions and plan the next steps necessary for your business.
  • Increased customer loyalty rate: Loyalty of a customer costs 5 times less than obtaining a new customer.
  • Saving time and money: CRM software enables process automation, eliminating the need to perform routine and repetitive tasks in some roles. This way they can focus on more strategic and productive goals.
  • Optimization of collaboration between services: CRM software plays a specific role in all stages of the sales cycle. Its scope ranges from obtaining to researching valuable customer data. By having a single CRM software, information is disseminated and used by all areas of the company.
  • Responsiveness: The data collected by the CRM software makes it possible to analyze common problems and provide a global vision of incidents, also allowing a better assessment of customer needs and monitoring of processes and performance.

Smart Sales CRM Software is best suitable for any industry, especially for Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Retail, Transportation, Travel, Hospitality, FMCG, Real Estate, Education, Hotel, Construction, Photography, Furniture, Service Industry, Air Ticket, Auto Care, Automobile, B2B, Banquets, Car Rental, Caterers, Courier, Dance/Music, Doctor, Event Organizer, Food/Beverages and many more.


All the features to manage and run your business

Take control of your business process and Find all your customer interactions in a single tool.

Save time and manage your business professionally to best meet each customer's needs. Our Smart CRM Software solution will allow you to be more productive.

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Sales CRM Software

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Find out how to boost your business with smart customer relationship management software.


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No need to be an expert to use Smart Sales CRM. Its simple and user friendly interfaces, designed by experts, allow you to get started with the software in a few minutes.


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Smart Sales CRM Software is a 100% web based software. Accessible anytime, anywhere. From your computer, mobile phone or tablet.



Smart Sales CRM is very afforable and comes with no limits. It allows you to add unlimited sub admin, staff and customer accounts. You can also create custom roles & permissions.

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The CRM system has been adopted easily by our staff who enjoy using it. Tracking their sales, following up on sales quotes and the ability to sell anywhere at anytime with a CRM system has hugely benefited them.

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I can honestly say that Smart Sales CRM have changed our business – for the better. We are a furniture importing business with only 10 staff, and I feel that Smart Sales CRM in particular, has made up for almost 1 full time staff member in terms of increased productivity.

Jessica Miller

House of Furniture

Finally a great product with even better support; Smart Sales CRM is the perfect tool for almost all businesses due to its ease of use. This Smart CRM Software not only includes a customer manager, but can help with reporting needs as well. Thank you again for all the help!

Larry Smith


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