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Most Affordable Sales CRM - No Commission, No Monthly/Yearly Charges

Manage your Sales on the go, anytime any device.
Get access and manage important reports, records and more.

Smart Sales CRM

Why do sales people love Smart Sales CRM Software?

Everything you need

Smart Sales CRM System


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Customer Relationship Management System

Leads Management

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SmartSales CRM


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Customer Area

Leads Management System


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Support System

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Sales CRM


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Multi Language

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Smart Sales CRM



Do all of this and more with your Smart Sales CRM

Free CRM Software

Bulk actions

Quickly assign leads, update a field, merge and delete records in bulk.

Best Cheap CRM Software System

Role-based access

Define and manage user permission and data access in CRM.

Best Small Business CRM System


Capture website visitors as leads directly into CRM once they complete a webform.

Online CRM Software

Custom views

Filter and sort records. Save and access them whenever you want.

Extremely Flexible

Any Business of Any size can use our Smart Sales CRM.

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Benefits of buying Smart Sales CRM

  • Full Branding

    In Smart Sales CRM Software your business have full branding on system there is no ad or link of other website. It will show good brand image on your customers.

  • Full Control

    In Smart Sales CRM System you will be the super admin. You can create sub admin accounts for your staff. All the control will be in your hands. You can remove or modify the sub admin accounts.

  • No Limitation

    In Smart Sales CRM Software, you can add unlimited customers, staff, and data anything as much as you want. There is no limit of anything.

  • Secure your Data

    Your business statistics, reports and important information is extremely secured in our CRM, Because it's installed on your own hosting and No one have access to use it.

  • Better Speed and Performance

    In Smart Sales CRM you can get fantastic speed and good performance of system. Because It will be on your own web hosting server, and the visitors or traffic is only yours.

  • Backup

    In Smart Sales CRM System, We will provide you the Backup option, You can save your important business data in just one click.

Amazing Experience

There is no other CRM that can provide your business the full suite of features that Smart Sales CRM offers - today.

Smart Sales CRM provides full range of features that help you provide the best possible experience including solutions for online payment as well as ticket support system.

Simple, Powerful & Affordable

Smart Sales CRM is very Simple, Powerful & Affordable. Smart Sales CRM is installed on your web hosting server. You need not to create any account on third party CRM system. There is No per user charges and No hidden charges.

You can use our CRM for lifetime without any renewal and get world class features much better than any third party CRM.

Smart Sales CRM for Everyone

Regardless of the size of your business, if you have clients or the need to manage relationships with customers, vendors, partners, suppliers, etc. You can benefit from our Customer Relationship Management System. Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Retail, Transportation, Travel, Hospitality, FMCG, Real Estate, Education, Hotel, Construction, Service Industry, Air Ticket, Auto Care, Automobile, B2B, Banquets, Car Rental, Caterers, Courier, Dance/Music, Doctor, Event Organizer, Food/Beverages and many more..

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