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Customer Support System

Improve your after-sales service by creating support tickets to meet the needs of your customers.

Smart Sales CRM Software

Manage Your Customer Service

Receive customer requests directly in your integrated ticketing tool and organize your customer support.

Support Tickets

Receive customer requests directly in your integrated ticketing tool and organize your customer support.



With Smart Sales CRM, send an auto-response to customers after they have just submitted a ticket.


Assign Tickets

With Smart Sales CRM, you can assign the ticket to your employees. Add notes and set reminders.

Customer Service system

Make your customers happy

Manage your customer service

  • Improve your customer service
  • Ticket system with autoresponse
  • Ticket priorities

The customer service is part of the experience you offer your customers. It plays a very important role in customer satisfaction and loyalty. It is therefore almost obvious that this brick is added to your CRM software in order to have an integrated 360-degree vision. Linking the ticketing tool and CRM thus makes it possible to link each ticket to a customer, to keep the history and past exchanges, to measure requests by customer and to have a trace.

No need to juggle between different tools, ticket management is integrated into your CRM for better performance and better customer satisfaction.

A ticketing tool also allows you to better handle incoming requests as it makes your process easier. Customer service is much easier when all operators have access to the same information and previous tickets. As a result, it will also be easier to send the ticket to another person internally if necessary (to technical support for example) with all the history of the exchanges.

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